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Ryan Roth was born in Southampton, England in 1980 and now resides most of his time in London, Tokyo and Los Angeles, but travels internationally extensively.

Ryan went to university in the UK where he studied Law and Psychology and was entrepreneurial from an early age, starting his first business at 11 years old! Since then he has achieved success in a number of different professions; Writer, Tennis Coach, Sponsorship Director, Event Planner, Art Consultant, Investment Advisor, Curator and Film Festival Board Member. The common thread through them all is Ryan’s passion for people and his drive as a self-starter.

Ryan started traveling the world at 21, living in; London, Paris, Tokyo, Bangkok, Sydney, Auckland and Los Angeles. During this time, he was traveling to understand culture and why one particular artist resonates with a specific country/culture. He’s also launching an online travel website in 2013, which is supported by a number of tourism authorities.

He has a passion for business; having both started up a number of enterprises and developed mature businesses. His first business at the age of 11 was subcontracting paper routes to other children. This was followed by a tennis coaching business at the age of 15 and then moving onto a print media company. Ryan’s most recent venture is in art, more specifically contemporary art, with a focus on art investment advice and emerging artist guidance.

In the print media, Ryan is a journalist for 6 publications in 4 different countries (Japan Today, 72 Minute Magazine and others), reporting on art, culture and travel. He has also been a guest writer for other publications and some well read websites (Fat Cap and others) with combined readerships of over 23 million people. He focuses on British, American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese publications, which traditionally have higher income readers. Ryan has interviewed rising artists such as Minjae Lee (represented by Roth Management) and many others such as acclaimed artists Choi Jeong Hwa and Aida Makoto.

While in the film industry, Ryan has hosted Q&A’s with people such as Ed Bagley Jr. and a number of directors: Alberto Corral, Zeke Hawkins, Oscar Torres (acclaimed producer and writer of En Tus Manos) and many more. Film is just one of Ryan’s passions and he’s on the board of directors for a film festival in the US, advises on Asian films for US distribution and has even been a product tester for of Panasonic’s cameras. Ryan was the first non-critic ever to host a Q&A for Movie Maker magazine. Moving from behind camera Ryan has also appeared on more than 15 TV Shows (US & UK) including the Tyra Banks show as a guest. In fact, because of his English roots, he was a technical director and lead for a Taco Bell cricket commercial, which aired on US national TV.

Leveraging his many years of travel and exploring other cultures and the art of different communities, Ryan has built on his knowledge of the art industry and his love of art, to form Roth Management LTD. Here, Ryan and his team focus on all aspects of contemporary art including; curating, art investment advice, public art, private art procurement, art fund management, artist pr and career guidance. Ryan is passionate about working with undiscovered talent, who’ve never had the support or encouragement to make a career out of their art. However he also enjoys working with more established artists and he has been interviewed by both magazines and national newspapers in the UK, USA, Greece, Japan and Korea about himself and Roth Management.

Artist’s that Roth Management work with, have been featured in many publications internationally, including; The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, Juxtapoz, Japan Today and countless others. Roth Management is currently liaising with a production company to create a documentary on the controversial Japanese artist 281 Anti Nuke, who was recently featured on French national TV and was in Ridley Scott’s movie “Japan in a Day“.

Ryan has a range of experience in various industries, but focuses on Art and Travel. He believes his involvement in art, travel, film and charity, create a greater understanding of his interests individually and which also, create greater opportunities for his companies and personal growth.

When he’s not working, Ryan loves to explore the world. He spends time; with friends, reading, learning other languages (French, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Balinese), rugby, cricket, cooking, Kite-surfing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, rock climbing, running, swimming, boxing, and relaxing in onsens if he can find one.

Ultimately Ryan’s passionate about giving back both locally and to the global community. He supports a number of charities including: Aids Walk LA, Global Green, TJ Martell Foundation – Artworks for the Cure, Frank Nelson Fund and Serve It Up to End MS.

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